8 Foods That Lead To Sinus Infections and Congestion

Being not able to breathe comfortably through the nose or throat can truly be a frustratingly difficult experience. If you occasionally experience allergies, you might think it is the reason for your burden. It is not also uncommon for people to relate the situation to weather changes. Colds, coughs, and congestion are usually prevalent when the weather turns cold.

But do you know that congestion and sinus infection can also be caused by the food that you eat? Yes. Certain foods can irritate the body and in an attempt to expel that particular food, the body produces more mucus. But not every person has the same reaction to these kinds of food. To know the reason for your frequent sinus infection and congestion, try to notice what happens after you ingest some of these foods. They are usually the reason for congestion on some people.

Spicy Foods

You must have noticed that after munching on some spicy foods you experience some kind of a runny nose. This is because spicy foods can trigger the release of histamine. Histamine is a compound produced by the body when inflammation is undergoing. This generally happens when there is an allergy to a certain stimulus. If that runny nose stays a little longer after eating some food sprinkled with pepper, better stay away from spicy foods. But if you cannot shrug off your cravings for a delicious and spicy taco, you can have these foods on a weekend when you have much more time to mend a congested airway.

Sugary Foods

Taking small amounts of sugar through the foods that we take may not be a health hazard. What makes it a risk to our health is when there is excessive consumption of sweet foods. It may not only make you fat, but you may be courting inflammation. It can irritate your body and as a result, will produce more mucus. You should start noticing if you have congestion after munching on your chocolates.


Some people may have an intolerance to milk and other dairy products. But if you do not have a milk allergy but experience congestion after taking in milk, it is because milk can make your body produce more mucus. Dairy products can thicken the mucus, making it more difficult to expel the mucus. This will result in acute congestion. You may notice this when you drink milk because this beverage does not only thickens the mucus but also stimulates and speeds up the production.

Alcoholic Drinks

It is not unusual that you experience acute congestion after drinking wine or alcoholic drinks. Besides sugar, alcohol can be the next inflammatory-friendly food that we consume. Wine, on its part, contains natural histamine which causes congestion. On the other hand, some alcoholic drinks may have gluten that can increase the production of more mucus. This reaction may still be true for some individuals even if the gluten is removed during the manufacturing process.


We consume tomatoes because they enhance the flavors of dishes and they also give us a wide array of health benefits. But although tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties, they can increase mucus production. This is because they can trigger the release of more histamine. Tomatoes are also acidic and can be the triggering factor for acid reflux, which can worsen your congestion.

Gluten-Rich Foods

If you have an intolerance to gluten, taking in gluten-rich foods like wheat can also trigger congestion. This is because gluten sensitivity can cause irritation resulting in more mucus production along the nasal passage. This part of your body is lined up with mucus membrane and soft tissue making it one of the first to be affected by the consumption of gluten.

Red Meat

Ever wondered why you have acute congestion after taking a delicious supper of red meat? This is because red meat can cause increased mucus production. Its high protein content can cause mucus buildup in the body, causing congestion in your nasal passages.

Some Fruits

It’s sad to note that our favorite fruits can be the culprit of our acute congestion. Bananas, strawberries, papayas, and oranges have one way or the other ability to cause mucus buildup in our nasal passages. For sure, it may be hard to avoid these delicious and sweet fruits. Taking them occasionally may help you not to suffer from congestion while reaping their health benefits.

Congestion can really be a nuisance. It makes our days and nights uncomfortable. While it may not be painful, it can prevent you from doing some of your chores and favorite pastimes. Taking note of these foods is necessary. It can prevent you from having congestion and sinus infection at the most inopportune time.

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