9 Things We Do That Can Lead To Heart Disease

Undoubtedly, the heart is the most important organ of the body. Within minutes of heart malfunctioning without immediate medical attention, death can ensue. The longer medical intervention is delayed, many other organs can be damaged.

The heart pumps blood to all body parts non-stop, carrying oxygen and nutrients. Each day, 5 liters of blood travel through more than 950,000 kilometers of arteries, veins, and capillaries to reach target cells of organs and other body parts. To do this, it beats 60-100 times each minute or 100,000 times a day. When the travel of blood is disrupted and the beating is slowed down, sped up or becomes erratic, it means damage to organs and the heart itself.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death globally. In the US alone, around 655,000 people die each year from heart disease. That represents 25% of all deaths in the country. This should alarm everyone else to know how to care for their heart. Here are 9 things to avoid as they can lead to heart disease:

Going to Noisy Places

Do you know that loud noises can raise your blood pressure? When blood pressure rises, it can have adverse effects on the heart. Studies show that with each 10-decibel increase of noise, from 50 decibels, your risk of heart disease and stroke also increases. This goes to show that you should avoid noisy places, and as much as possible, wear noise-canceling gadgets.

Working for Long Hours

According to a study, those who work 55 hours a week have greater chances of developing heart disease than those who work for only 35-40 hours. There can be a lot of factors why this happens, like over-fatigue, stress, prolonged sitting, or taking in more alcohol after a stressful day. Knowing how to manage stress, routine exercises, and having breaks at work can help.

Being Unable to Control Anger

You must have noticed that after a moment of outburst, you can feel that your heart is beating so fast. Being so furious can increase your risk by 5 times, so better hold your temper. It is better to cool down and deal with your anger. Consider going to an anger management class if you have difficulty controlling your temper.

Avoiding Being Tested

It is not uncommon for people to seek reasons not to go for medical checkups. “I have more important things to do” is the usual reason. But going for checkups should be done regularly. You will be able to know the changes that are happening inside your body. And some of these changes may need immediate intervention.

Skipping Workouts

Routine exercise has many benefits to our bodies. When it comes to heart health, it helps by lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol and blood sugar. If you have routine exercises in place, never skip doing them. It may have a negative impact on the body. You can reduce the time if you will be late for an early appointment. Some exercises that are best for heart health are walking, swimming, and cycling.

Entertaining Idleness

A sedentary lifestyle can get you to a lot of health problems. Being overweight or obese means that the heart will be overworked pumping blood to every part of your fat body. You can also easily develop hypertension and kidney damage. Instead of lying on your couch all day long during the weekend, look for something to do that is productive. Try gardening. It is enjoyable and satisfying.

Skipping Medications

You may think that skipping your medications is just alright when you are feeling okay, but is totally wrong. Your medications are your maintenance. Skipping on them can be dangerous. Follow prescriptions to the letter and avoid adjusting them for your convenience. Always let your doctor know of other medications you are taking in. They may not be compatible with newly-prescribed medications which can lead to some problems.

Abusing Drugs

That’s right. You need to take necessary medications but you should not abuse drugs either, especially those that are prohibited. According to the American Heart Association, illicit drugs like cocaine can lead to heart diseases and other life-threatening conditions.

Ignoring Other Conditions

You may be all too wary about your heart health that you ignore other conditions that you think are less dangerous. This is a bad idea as every part of the body is interconnected. These conditions can affect your heart health in the long run.

You might have noticed that in this article, we skipped some of the more popular causes of heart problems. This is because we perceive that you know them already. Smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating the wrong food, sleeping late at night, and others are basic knowledge that people know are bad for their heart health. All of these should be avoided to save your heart from any disease.

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