11 Activities For Adults To Keep You Mindful

We all live in a busy world. And sometimes, you might find yourself feeling like your mind is a mess. You can’t focus, and it seems like your thoughts and emotions are scattered. This then leads to stress, depression, and anxiety. The good news is, there are certain activities that can help keep you mindful. In fact, you can incorporate mindfulness in almost everything that you do, be it as simple as walking, eating, reading, or working on your laptop.

At first, you may not see the difference, but practicing mindfulness on a regular basis will help you become more alert, focused, and relaxed. Here are some simple yet very useful activities for adults to keep you mindful:

Mindful Eating

Have you lost control over your eating habits lately? This could lead not only to weight gain but also depression, negative behaviors, and other health issues. If this is the case, try practicing mindful eating. When you cook your food, listen to the sizzle of the pan. Chew your food slowly and take your time to savor every bite. As much as possible, eat your meal in silence as this will help you appreciate more the taste, aroma, and texture of your food.

Deep Breathing Exercise

When you are stressed out, your breath tends to be short and constrained. So to relax your nervous system, take long, deep breaths through your diaphragm. You can practice this by breathing in for about four seconds, and then breathing out for another four seconds. Do this five times, and you would feel much better.

Walking Meditation

Yes, as simple as walking can allow you to meditate as well. You can do this in a straight line or circle. One good thing about this activity is you can do it almost anywhere you are.

As you walk, put your mind down into your feet and follow your footsteps. Pay attention to what you see and hear. Allow yourself to experience the world through your senses.

Mindful Driving

If you commute to and from work every day, then you know exactly how stressful it could be to drive. But did you know that you can practice mindfulness even when you are driving?

Take a few deep breaths and try to feel the sensation as you hold the steering wheel. Get rid of all distractions and listen to the sound of the engine or feel the texture of the road you are driving on. Also focus on other vehicles, lights, as well as pedestrians. Practicing this will not only make you feel better but will also help you become a better driver.


Multi-tasking has advantages, but it could be stressful too. Imagine yourself working on your laptop, for instance, and you have a bunch of browser tabs open. You won’t be able to focus that well. The best thing that you can do is to close the unnecessary tabs. And as you work, focus on your breathing, how you sit, and how you feel.

Mindful Gardening

Gardening is a great way to connect with nature, and this hobby is truly relaxing and fulfilling. But instead of doing this activity just because, try to be more mindful. Feel the texture of the soil. Are you sweating because of the heat of the sun? Observe those tiny lives around you. That’s how you do mindful gardening.

Candle Study Exercise

Trataka is a form of meditation, which requires you to focus your eyes on an external object, such as a candle. Gaze on the flame of the candle but do not force it. It should be soft and relaxed. Once your eyes get tired of looking at the flame, take your gaze off it and close them. Have them rest a little bit, open them, and do the same thing again.

Tea Drinking Exercise

Do you love to drink tea? When you do have a cup of tea, drink it slowly. Enjoy the aroma and the flavor. As you make your tea, notice how the color of the water as you drop the teabag in it. This simple activity is something that you can do with coffee as well.

Mindful Creativity

As we get older, we tend to forget to work on creative stuff because we are busy with work most of the time. But you have to know that nurturing your creativity will help you become more mindful so take the time to engage in some activities like painting, arranging flowers, writing, or decorating your home. But as you do this, avoid distractions.

Stillness Exercise

This type of exercise is quite easy. You just have to be still for a few minutes while you listen to how you breathe or perhaps appreciate a picture or scenery you are looking at.

Morning Pages

This right here is an excellent morning activity. The moment you wake up, grab your notebook and start writing things. It could be about how you feel, what you need to do for the day – anything! This activity is meant to clear your mind.

These activities for adults are very simple, but their benefits are immense. You can fight stress and negative thoughts. You’d feel much better about yourself.

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