11 Ways To Fight Earaches

Earaches can be painful and cause many other places to hurt, as well. There are many reasons that you can have ear pain, such as sinus, colds, throat infections, even your jaw. 

This issue makes it even more challenging to treat, so testing helps reach a diagnosis. In most cases, the solution is usually antibiotics, which help fight infections. Taking all that has been said into consideration, here are effective ways to help with earaches.


I previously mentioned that antibiotics are one of the primary ways to fight earaches. Infections cause earaches, so the direct route to alleviate the pain is to destroy the source. Buy your antibiotics over the counter or through a prescription from the doctor. You can get pain relievers that do help with the pain also.


Compresses are one of the ways you can relieve pain. There are two types of compress methods you can try, hot and cold. This method is safe for everyone and will help to give you ear pain relief. You can apply a cold compress for a few minutes and then use a warm compress. It is safe to alternate between the two temperatures every ten minutes. If you prefer to use only one method, that is alright too.

Olive Oil

A natural remedy for earache is olive oil; this method is a primitive way of relieving pain in the ear. The technique requires a few warm drops of olive oil in the ear. This method is harmless, and though the evidence is not proven scientifically, some persons swear by it. The olive oil should be colder than your body temperature; it shouldn’t burn the skin.

Naturopathic Drops

Naturopathic drops are an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a natural remedy for their ear pain. These drops contain natural herbal extracts that use olive oil as a base. A study done has found that naturopathic drops are beneficial and do bring much-needed pain relief. They are more effective than over the counter drops.

Chiropractic Solutions

When a person thinks of a chiropractor, they think of back pain or some other joint pain. However, the same principles used for those treatments are practical with ear pain as well. Individuals who received adjustments from a chiropractor showed signs of improvement. A study conducted among children showed the large majority benefitted.

Sleep Wise

This technique is difficult, but it will help with an earache. Lie in a position that allows you to avoid putting weight on your ears. You can sleep with your head in an upward position or place your ear in a way that any fluid can run freely from your ear. These two methods will bring relief after constant practice.

Neck Workouts

There are so many things you can try to help alleviate pain in your ears. Neck exercises can support the canal in your ear due to the pressure in the ear. The key in this method is to rotate your neck gently as you sit in an upright posture. Raise your shoulders as you do the rotation in an attempt to relieve pressure around the ears.

Ginger And Garlic


Some foods can reduce many of the causes of pain in the ear. The best-known foods that help with earaches caused by infections are ginger and garlic. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help by taking the juice from the ginger in a warm state and applying it to the ear’s outer part, never in the ear canal. Garlic has antibiotic components that help with pain too. Take the oil of the garlic and place it in the ear canal for maximum effect.

Hydrogen Peroxide

In many cases, hydrogen peroxide works well for earaches. However, some situations require much more care and attention. Pouring a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal can help remove particles causing you distress. Once the mixture stops foaming, it means it has done all it can, so you lean your ear and allow the liquid to come out.


The method of using distractions to help with pain relief applies to all forms of pain you feel. It takes great effort, but if you can find something else to focus your attention on, the pain will feel less severe. Most persons find a hobby or something they love to do as a way to distract themselves. 

It is vital to find ways to help rid yourself of an earache. This type of pain can be very taxing as it affects the entire head. The ear canal connects to the nose and the throat, making it all the more necessary to gain pain relief. What affects one area can spread and affect other body parts as well. 


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