The Best Vegan Snacks With Health Benefits

We are encouraged to avoid snacking, especially in between meals. This practice is the main culprit for gaining weight and causing stomach abnormalities. However, it is quite common for persons to snack despite all the knowledge floating around the web or printed in books.

Some people have a craving and are interested in fulfilling that craving. If you fall under this category, maybe these healthy snacks can help create a more balanced eating way.

Here are the best vegan snacks that provide tremendous benefits.


Larabar is a cookie made of cashew and other ingredients. It is a gluten-free product made primarily of dates and cashews. This snack is a natural source of energy and fiber that will surely make you feel contented. The cookie is dairy and soy-free and is a delicious vegan snack. 


Wickedly is a peanut butter pretzel that is exclusive to Amazon. The pretzel’s main ingredients are peanut butter, wheat, and salt. Due to its no sugar content, this bar is an excellent choice for a snack if you must have one. If you love peanut butter and pretzels, then you win twice.


Raw Rev is a healthy bar that provides flavors to mimic decadent desserts. They also have other options for high protein intake, like peanut butter and sea salt. The bars are vegan friendly but have a sugar content of two grams per bar. This amount is higher than the considered amount for a health bar. 

BARNEY Almond Butter

Barney’s almond butter snack is an excellent alternative to using peanut butter. This vegan snack make more butter flavors available than just peanut butter. Since persons suffer from peanut allergies, having this option is vital. Lessor no sugar and salt is one of the perks of using this snack. This snack is a healthier alternative. 


If you are looking for a more plant-based snack, the Luna bar is an excellent choice. They offer flavors like lemon and white chocolate macadamia that give the bar a delicious taste. These bars can give you eight to nine grams of protein. 


The Pure bar has a powerful twenty-one grams of protein to give your muscles what they need. These snacks are gluten-free and come in packs of twelve. The flavors are tasty, but some bars do have sugar. Chocolate laced bars have less sugar than the fruity flavored versions. The lemon cake flavor has two grams of sugar, the lowest amount of all the options.


The Nocow vegan snack is a plant-based bar that provides lots of protein. It contains twenty-one grams of protein for muscle recovery and growth. For those who are into a keto diet, these bars are an excellent option. This snack is a no sugar, low carb, dairy-free kosher product. 


The Kellogs brand is well-known for its cereals, and dietary products like Special K. Kellogs also produce health bars like Nutri Grain. The bar contains eight essential vitamins and mashed fruits. These are ideal if you are looking for fuel to give energy. 


Another well-known vegan product is Kellogs Rice Krispies. Rice Krispies are very high in sugar content. So they can be considered vegan-friendly alternatives for those who have a sweet tooth. These are an excellent option for kids on the go.


Snyder pretzel sticks contain a small portion of gluten and can be very vegan-friendly. Pretzels are known for their salt content, so use as necessary. These snacks are on the lower end of the scale for optimum nutrition as a snack. 


Goldfish snacks contain more gluten than most of the snacks on this list. Children have been eating these snacks for decades. The ingredients are mostly flour, salt, and, based on your flavor, cheese. Like Snyder pretzels, the salt and not the sugar is the primary concern.


If you are looking for vegan-based cookies, then Quest has you covered. They make a cookie that offers low sugar content and high protein make up. You can get fifteen grams of protein and seven flavors, with the gingerbread being a limited edition.


The Lotus biscoff is a vegan-friendly biscuit that is vegan certified. The snack is GMO-free and is made similar to European standards. The biscuit has a unique flavor and makes this list of snacks suitable for vegans or those who eat this type of food.

Like I said at the beginning, it is much healthier to avoid snacking between meals. If you think you need to snack, then these choices should prove ideal.

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