15 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Keeping your body healthy and in great shape depends upon your immune system. The immune system is responsible for protecting your body against anything that can be harmful. One of the best ways to strengthen your immunity is by eating foods that help increase this bodily function.

Please note we are not saying that you may not experience some form of illness. It just means that eating right can improve your chances of not getting sick so quickly. These foods are a natural part of the world in which we live and serve a purpose; let us look at the foods that will strengthen the immune system in a matter of days.



Kiwi fruit is full of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, and other nutritional values that will improve your overall health. These nutrients help the body operate at optimum levels. Vitamin C is known for giving white blood cells the power to fight infections. Next time you are in the fruit aisle, be sure to take up a few kiwis.


Slised papaya with silver spoon on black concrete background

Papaya may have once been a well-kept secret. However, more and more people have learned about the benefits of papaya. One average size papaya has enough vitamin C for the day. Papaya contains papain, a digestive enzyme to will help fight inflammation of the body. Next time you see papaya, be sure to get yours and boost your health.


Turmeric powder and fresh turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful food; it is considered a superfood that improves a person’s overall health. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, which help with most joint pains. Tumeric gets its color from curcumin, which helps boost the immune system and helps repair damaged muscles. Be sure to pick up some turmeric from the vegetable aisle.

Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seed

When out shopping, you can buy a nice amount of sunflower seeds as these are excellent immune boosters. Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, vitamin B6, phosphorus, magnesium, and other essential nutrients. It has lots of selenium, a property that helps fight various types of flu. Two ounces of sunflower seeds contain the daily requirement of selenium for an adult. 



Almonds are a prevalent food among health-conscious people. It is so prevalent is due to its vitamin E content that helps with immunity-boosting. Eating almonds with other fatty food is better to help with absorption. It takes a modest amount of almonds to provide your body with a daily requirement of vitamin E.


bowl of yogurt

Yogurt is another food you can use to help build your immune system. The lively cultures found in yogurt can cause the immune system to become stimulated to attack diseases. Noteworthy is the ability of yogurt to help the stomach, especially when it is out of whack. Yogurt improves your gut’s overall health. 

Leafy Greens


Leafy greens like spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage, chard, and others are potent immune boosters. Spinach stands out among them as a superfood in many respects. It should be eaten raw for maximum benefit. Health enthusiast uses it in green smoothies an excellent option. It is also good to note that kale makes a delicious smoothie as well. 



Ginger is a potent superfood that can is useful in a lot of ways. It has a distinct taste and is known to have a burning sensation, primarily when used with sugar. It helps boost the immune system and helps with inflammation, nausea, sore throat, and chronic pain. Experts believe it can help lower cholesterol levels.


Garlic and garlic press.

Cooking with garlic is recommended as it contains the properties to build the immune system and give food flavor. Garlic is excellent at killing off infectious diseases and doesn’t often get the credit it deserves. A property in garlic called allicin help give it its immunity-boosting prowess. This food is known to slow down the hardening of arteries, reducing cardiovascular disease.



Broccoli contains lots of nutrients that help boost your immune system. Vitamin C and vitamin E content help the body become more robust in a relatively short time. Broccoli has a lot of fiber, which is good for bowel movement and blood health. It has lots of antioxidants, a significant compound your body needs.

Citrus Fruits

various citrus fruits

Building your body’s immunity won’t be complete without the inclusion of some citrus fruit. These fruits have been eaten for millennia as a vitamin C source to help the body build its immunity. A wide range of citrus fruits is available, like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and tangerines. Be sure to grab a few when shopping.

It is incredible to know that you can improve your immune system’s ability to fight off diseases by eating the right foods daily. These foods are here for a reason.

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