9 Powerful Remedies To Relieve A Runny Nose

The common cold is something we all would have to deal with at some point. This virus will always be with us, according to the medical experts. In such a case like this, it means that one of the best ways to avoid a cold is to build the immune system.

However, if you have already caught a cold and experiencing a runny nose, there are ways to combat this nuisance. That is right; a runny nose can interrupt your day, all of your plans, but knowing what to do can change all of this.

Let us take a look at remedies that can relieve a runny nose.


If you hear something often enough, chances are it could be true. In the case of drinking lots of fluids to help combat a runny nose, it certainly is that way. Drink lots of water and the clear broth boiled from chicken. This practice allows the mucus to run freely and stop running much faster. Your sinuses will thank you for it as this clears the pathway and lubricates your nasal passage.

Medicated Hot Beverages

Many drug companies make various types of packages to use in tea or some other hot beverage. Most usually require hot water and a stir, a quick fix that takes minutes. These teas tend to make you sleep, which is essential, so be sure to buy a few day’s worths of packets. Consuming these beverages within ten to fifteen minutes of drinking time is encouraged.


The same method for overcoming virus-related illnesses is proper for the common cold. A runny nose is mostly associated with the cold, and as mentioned earlier, rest helps. Sleep helps strengthen the immune system as the body creates proteins that fight infections. Now you know why the doctor always advises persons to get plenty of rest.

Warm Compress

Placing a warm compress on the nose and forehead is an old hydrotherapy method. Hydrotherapy has many benefits that can bring relief to persons without medication, depending on the condition. The warmth from the cloth helps to loosen the mucus in the nose, which is the cause of discomfort and trouble breathing.

Steam It

A steam bath is another good idea to help bring relief to your nasal passage. This information implies that a sauna is suitable for short term use to help bring relief. More straightforward methods include using a bowl of warm water and inhaling the steam. You can add a bit of menthol to the water as this helps; note that too much will make it strong and difficult to inhale.


Technology has brought many improvements in the medical field. One such invention is the humidifier, an excellent way to breathe in odors that can bring relief. The humidifier works by releasing a fine mist into the air that helps with congestion. These gadgets can use different types of oils that are suitable for tackling a runny nose. Eucalyptus and other minty types are ideal for the common cold.

Saline Sprays

Medical experts have been recommending the use of saline solutions to help with sinuses. There are sprays and other devices that one can use to flush the nasal passage that connects with the sinuses. This process can flush out allergens, mucus, and other particles that create congestion in the nose canal. The saline will also soothe the passage as the hardened mucus can make it sore.

Spicy Alternatives

Eating or drinking certain types of foods can also clear your nasal passage. Spicy foods that have lots of pepper in the mix can cause your nose to run. Eating such foods with plenty of onion and garlic will do wonders for your nose and immune system. A mixture that contains water, pepper, onion, and garlic will help clear congestion.

OTC Medicines

There are medicines that you can buy directly from a pharmacy or some grocery stores. One of the more popular brands is NyQuil, known for its fast relief benefits. Another method that is often used by persons is the use of Vicks vapor rub in the nose. This method can be challenging, but it offers relief due to the menthol in the mixture. On this note, an inhaler or bottle of mentholated crystals will offer some relief.

You don’t have to allow a runny nose to cause discomfort and spoil your plans. The above mentioned are easy ways to combat this issue; you can always use multiple options to get the desired results. This advice is for methods and not medicines, as using different medications at the same time is discouraged.

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