Sore Tongue? Take A Look At These Remedies

A sore tongue can be painful and cause you unwanted discomfort when you eat or have a conversation. There are many things that can cause tongue discomfort, so it is imperative to come to the right conclusion. Persons can experience a burning feeling or notice discoloration on the tongue.

The texture can change as a sign that all isn’t well, so it is essential to see a doctor who will let you know the problem. If you suffer from the occasional sore tongue, this information will help with some of the causes and treatments for this condition.





If you have a burning sensation on your tongue, chances are from smoking cigarettes or other harmful substances. Another reason for this condition could be due to postmenopause if you are a female. Taking a break from smoking can help determine if that is the problem. If days pass and there is no change, then it is fair to say the reason is something else.


Several illnesses can cause a swollen tongue and, therefore, will require a diagnosis. Some of the conditions that cause this illness are anemia, leukemia, strep throat, overactive thyroid, Down Syndrome, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, and tongue cancer.

Due to the varying reason for this to happen, one can see why a diagnosis is necessary. An allergic reaction can cause the tongue to swell without warning and quickly, so never rule that out. In cases such as these, seek medical attention immediately.


There are other reasons that your tongue may be painful. Some other issues are related to sores, biting your tongue, liquids like toothpaste or mouthwash, or an orally spread disease. Sores are painful and make it difficult to eat and take a few days to go away if treated right. A condition called Neuralgia can cause pain, too; this one is a nerve-related problem.


Infection is another way your tongue can become painful and require attention. If you do have an infection, the surest way to bring relief is with antibiotics and painkillers. This treatment is a standard procedure as the antibiotics will kill the disease, and the painkillers will ease the pain until that happens. Some natural remedies do help, but you should do your research to be safe.

Other Causes

It can baffle the mind concerning the number of reasons your tongue can become an issue. Some of the other ways include aging, tumors, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Professional advice has made it clear that these diseases can cause pain in the tongue. It is wise to have a diagnostic done to check for all of these variants.

Home Treatments

Avoid Spicy/Hot

The foods you eat regularly can cause you much discomfort without your awareness. The main culprit of foods that cause tongue conditions are spicy and hot foods. These contain ingredients that can affect the tongue and make it irritable. If you notice that your mouth feels different after eating these types of meals, you should stop.

Cold/Simple Meals

Eating foods simple, soft, and mostly bland in taste will help if you have canker sores on the tongue. You are encouraged to drink cold drinks to help soothe the area. Foods like ice cream is a favorite due to the texture and temperature. Choose beverages that won’t irritate the tongue like those high in acid.

Over The Counter

Using over the counter medication isn’t homemade, but it doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. If you want fast relief from your present condition, then this is the way to go. You will find pain relievers that will help with the irritation. Some pharmacies do offer antibiotic treatments that can bring relief after a short period.

Home Mixture

This remedy pertains to canker sores and other painful bumps on the tongue. A simple treatment is to gargle warm salt water for a few minutes at a time. Another mixture that works is warm water mixed with baking soda. These two remedies will help if used consistently by rinsing the mouth. 


Icing a sore in the mouth is another easy way to offer relief from the pain. You can crush some ice and place it in your mouth where on the sore. You can repeat this option as seem necessary until the area becomes numb and leaves a cold feeling in the mouth. Using icy water is an option to consider, as well.

The reasons for a sore tongue can be baffling. However, the treatments that are available, both medical and homemade, can make a difference. Always check with your doctor to see if the issue is more significant than you perceive. If it looks like a simple case, then a home remedy could do the trick.

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