9 Tips To Help Computer Eye Strain

The use of a computer is a regular occurrence for many of us. Spending hours looking at the computer screen can become problematic over time. Watching the screen with its bright light begins to strain the eyes, causing pain and discomfort. Computer eye strain can cause headaches, dry eyes, and eye fatigue.

These are conditions that can become worse if not rectified. However, there is hope as you can take steps to relieve the strain from staring at the computer. Here are some tips to improve your computer use experience.

Right Lighting

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It may seem like a simple thing, but the incorrect lighting can cause damage to your eyes with constant use. If you can keep the screen away from direct sunlight, that would go a long way to improving your problems. The blue screen light that computers use can cause issues for your eyes as well. A few ways to combat this would be to use the display’s night mode option, use a blue light filter over the screen, or use glasses with blue light filters.

Screen Position

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How you place your laptop can impact your eye health. It will help if you keep your computer at least four inches below your eye level. This practice would eliminate the eye strain that is caused by doing such. Your computer screen should be at least twenty inches from your face. Do this more often, and you will see a gradual decrease of strain on your eyes. If you don’t notice any change, then visit an optician for advice. 

Fixing Display

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Something as simple as the wrong type of fonts and size of images can be a problem. You should organize the settings on your computer to be more display friendly. This decision can reduce excessive strain and save you many headaches and eye aches. The good idea is to upgrade your screen to a bigger size as that will help. 

Eye Breaks

Eye Strain. Tired African Female Office Worker Sitting At Workplace Massaging Nosebridge

Your body requires rest; naturally, your eyes are part of your body. Taking time away from the computer can help with eye strain too. Giving your eyes a break is an excellent way to keep them from being damaged. Sleeping is also crucial as lack of sleep will affect the performance of your eyes after a while. 

Eye Food

Raw Green Organic Curly Kale

Every part of your body needs nutrition that will help it grow. Your muscle develops when you give protein and the other nutrients they need. Your eyes follow the same principles and are healthier when you eat foods that help your eyes. Some of these eye foods include eggs, beans, legumes, green leafy veggies, and salmon. There are more, but those are to give you an idea, do our research.

Blink Regularly

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Blinking regularly and not staring at your computer screen helps in preventing eye strain. You can learn to blink slowly or even take breaks to close your eyes. It won’t hurt to set a reminder every fifteen to twenty minutes if that helps. Blinking helps to lubricate the eyeballs, so think of doing this more often.

Dry Air

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Dry air can also cause problems for your eyes as the lack of lubrication impacts your eyeballs. Make sure the room that your work from doesn’t produce dry air. If that room does, then you should consider relocation to another room that doesn’t. Your work environment can play a significant role in your eye’s health; serious consideration is necessary.


Senior man drinking water in the kitchen.

Drinking plenty of water is essential, especially if you are regularly using a computer. Water consumption helps to keep the eyes lubricated and can make a world of difference. The next time you feel the strain on your eyes, take a break and drink some water. If you notice a difference after your water break, then doing the above may be all you need to do.

Eye Drops

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Lubricating your eyes with regular eye drops can help. You can go to your local pharmacy and request eye drops for dry eyes and use them as needed or directed. If drinking water isn’t doing enough to hydrate your eyes, eye drops are an excellent idea.

These are some pretty good ideas to help with eye strain caused by excessive computer use. It is wise to try them one by one to eliminate what doesn’t work for you. Once you recognize what works best, you should practice following the directive to protect your eyes.

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