Struggling With Anxiety? 6 Ways To Cure It

Is happiness too much to ask? This question keeps sailing through my mind striking me from behind. We have experience breakthroughs, anxieties, and depression for the last few years, and I admit that dealing with it is tough. Have you ever thought like you want to lie in bed doing nothing? You desire to go to your comfort place and sit under the trees and try to forget about life. You feel like barely breathing because of the overload burdens you carry for a long time.

Anxiety keeps attacking abruptly without even knowing why. Even time, places, or events can’t stop it. Personally, due to this pandemic, I have been experiencing these things.

Anxiety is merely a cause of feeling unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild. However, if you will not make a solution about anxiousness, it will definitely lead to severe damages to your mental health. According to the study, each one of us has feelings of anxiety. For example, being worried and anxious about taking college entrance examinations; feeling uneasy when you need to go for a monthly check-up because you think ahead about what might happen to you. These are just some cases of being bothered and anxious. At times like these, feeling uneasy and anxious is perfectly normal. However, some people who have these mindsets find it hard to control their anxiety. The feelings of being worried affect too their lives too much – their mental health to be exact.

If you are also struggling with severe anxiety or experienced anxiety attacks, here are some tips you need to consider that might help to keep everything under control, and you will feel at ease. Check this out!

1. Acknowledge Anxiety, It Is Not Your Fault.

Accepting the fact that anxiety is normal to all people might be a factor to lessen your worries. Understanding the root cause of your anxiety is recognizing that it is not really bad at all though. Anxiety helps you to be aware of what might come ahead. You will be sensible about danger, motivates you to be organized and stay for what is planned and somehow aids to figure out risks. It is what people normally do, and you just need to embrace it. Take control of everything; keep your mindset sharp of whatever might happen. However, rest assured that you will look at it in a more positive way. It will help you deal with it.

2. Apply A Positive Self-concept In Your Life

Optimism is a powerful element to keep your mind healthy in any way. Negative thinking is a habit that must be broken especially when you are dealing with anxieties. Keeping your mindset in a positive way can begin to learn a lot about how your mind productively operates. How you behave might be a product of how you think. Keep that in mind.

3. Meditate

Meditation isn’t new to you but practicing it most of your leisure time can reduce stress. The goal of meditation is to empty the mind and clear it of thoughts. It will help you to stay awake of the present and guides you with your focus. Even 15-30 minutes time zone of your meditation can relieve stress and anxiety. Try this one in your daily life


4. Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep breathing calms down anxiety. It’s actually a technique of breathing that can restore normal breathing patterns. This is one of the things I usually do when I am having an anxiety attack. I follow the 4-7-8 breathing pattern that I’ve seen on social media.

5. Practice Active Living

An active lifestyle is not only good for your physical health but also mentally. Instead of lying in bed and thinking about negative thoughts, why not try to roam around the place and jog? You can also do yoga exercises at home when you don’t have anything to do. Keep in mind that anxiety strikes if you have a chaotic mind. Try resting it for a while and practice exercise.

6. Self-care Is Important

The practice of exerting effort to care for yourself is the most significant aspect in dealing with anxiety. Your body knows what your mind needs. What you need is to love yourself because sometimes, anxiety is the product of questioning what is lacking to us, but if you tend to feed your mind with the happy thoughts by just accepting who you are, it would be easier for the mind to develop a strong relationship with your body.

Keep In Mind…

If you are feeling anxious, written above might help you to deal with it. But if it doesn’t work with you, I advise you to visit professionals. Communicate with your doctors and they will help you how to get rid of anxieties.

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