The Best Options To Relieve A Sore Throat

The consequences of a sore throat are nothing anyone wants to bear. This condition is annoying and will often hinder you from enjoying your favorite foods. In most cases, your voice becomes husky, making it difficult to speak. Swallowing can be a challenge as it hurts every time you do so.

A sore throat is a sign that you have an infection that causes irritation and itching. Eating certain foods and using various plants can help rectify this problem. A trip to the pharmacy may be sufficient to solve the issue, but if you prefer a natural approach, here are some remedies you can try.


The use of honey as a medicinal property is nothing new. This byproduct of the honey bee is a potent food to heal many disorders. It can be used alone or added to teas. Mixing lemon or lime juice with honey has proven helpful as well. It will help with the itching, which causes coughing, and soothe the throat. 

Salt Water

Gargling salty water has many benefits that will help soothe an irritant throat. The salt and water mixture should be warm, not hot, and gargled for at least one minute every three hours until you notice an improvement. The required amount is half of a teaspoon of salt to one glass of warm water for maximum benefit.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has properties that will support the relief of soreness in the throat. Chamomile works well due to its astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant components. This plant will also help boost the immune system providing the nutrients necessary to do so. You can sweeten the tea with honey if preferred, as honey also helps with a sore throat.


Peppermint is a very refreshing plant to use in teas and extracted oil format. Drinking this plant as a tea invigorates the body and freshens your breath. You can use the oil with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil. The peppermint leaf contains antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which fight mucus and infections. The oil is simply for inhaling and shouldn’t be taken orally.

Baking Soda

Earlier I mentioned that gargling salty water could help a fight sore throat. The same is true of baking soda when added to the saltwater for a more potent mixture. The baking soda can stop yeast and fungi from breeding in the throat. These bacterias are responsible for the harshness felt in the throat canal.


Fenugreek is a natural plant that has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It works wonders for a sore throat when taken in seed form, oil, or tea. Fenugreek is an excellent painkiller for a sore throat, and experts recommend avoiding the use of fenugreek during pregnancy. 

Marshmallow Root

The root of the marshmallow is an excellent plant to fight a sore throat. It has a soothing effect on the throat when used in teas. Dry the marshmallow root before using it as it has more potency. The plant can cause a drop in blood sugar, so people with diabetes should contact their medical practitioner before use.

Licorice Root

The licorice root is another plant that offers great relief to persons with a sore throat. The licorice root should be crushed and added to water to make a mixture for gargling. The anti-inflammatory components are effective in reducing the itching and soreness associated with a sore throat. This root is also considered a risk to those who are breastfeeding or pregnant. 

Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is another plant that has the potential to bring relief to your throat. It contains a substance that is very potent in eradicating the secretions in the throat canal. These secretions are responsible for the soreness and irritation you feel. Mixing the slippery elm extract with water creates a gel-like substance. Grinding the bark to powder form makes a tea that is helpful too.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of apple cider vinegar goes way back due to its many benefits. Apple cider vinegar makes an excellent gargle when diluted with water. The suggested mixture is one or two tablespoons of vinegar with one cup of water. You can also drink a sip of the blend and repeat every hour as necessary. It will help if you drink plenty of water between gargles.

These are just a few of the home remedies you can try to help relieve pain and soreness from a sore throat. It is incredible what you can find at home or in your garden to help treat common everyday conditions. Starting a garden that grows, many of these plants sounds like a brilliant idea.

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