The Best & Worst Exercises For Seniors

As we age, it becomes challenging to perform specific exercises due to a lack of strength and muscle mass. These types of workouts could cause physical damage that needs surgery or special treatment. It is more difficult for an older adult to recover from a severe injury; the body is never the same.

Seniors must choose workouts wisely, and understand what exercises are suitable for them. Hiring a trainer or seeking information is a brilliant idea. With that in mind, here are the best and worst activities for seniors.

Best Workouts

Dumbell Training

Seniors can use dumbells to build or retain muscle strength. Dumbells come in many sizes, and weight varies; you will find the right weight for you. Strength training helps with flexibility and balance. It also helps your body regulate glucose, increases your metabolism. Strengthening the body can improve systems associated with back pain, osteoporosis, and even diabetes. 


Walking is probably the best exercise an older person can do. You can do a mild hike, a stroll through the park, or a bit of power walking to burn extra calories. When it comes to walking, you can control the pace; there is no rush, have fun. The mark of a good day of walking is ten thousand steps based on the expert’s advice. Taking regular strolls can help prevent heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

Use Your Bodyweight

Bodyweight workouts are simple and effective. Using the weight of your body for simple exercises can help prevent serious injury while working out. Exercises like lunges, pushups, and squats are bodyweight activities that require no weights and still build muscle and strength. Take your mat for comfortable floor use.


Pilates helps to increase core strength, balance, and flexibility. Most pilate exercises focus on your breathing technique and body alignment. Trainers use a large pilate ball for some workouts; others may need a mat. The ability to concentrate is improved when pilates become a part of your routine.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are popular with people of all ages. They are an excellent replacement for weights and can still improve the strength and physique of the user. Improved posture, balance, and mobility are the trademark of using resistance bands. These bands work the upper and lower. Bicep curls and the leg press are a few of the workout routines resistance bands can do.


Stretching is an exercise many of us take for granted. Seniors can engage in this type of activity to improve circulation and improve muscle and bone health. You can use a chair for less stress on muscles and joints. These workouts can improve sleep and fight depression. After a good stretch, your overall feeling will begin to improve substantially.

Water Aerobics

Water exercises are probably the next best thing to walking, in my opinion. The water takes a considerable amount of pressure off of your entire body. It helps those who have arthritis to remain active while feeling less pain. The resistance that water provides can also be a source of strength training. Note also that other joint pains are less painful doing water aerobics.

Worst Exercises


Rock Climbing

No senior should attempt rock climbing in any form. Hiking is ok, but if it requires climbing steep inclines or rocks, do something else. Rock climbing is famous, but it isn’t for seniors. A fall would cause severe injury or even death. Swimming is a much better exercise as it works the entire body. If you can’t swim, it isn’t too late to learn; you might have fun learning. 

Power Lifting Activities

It is evident that some men and women in their older years still can lift heavyweights. Though some persons do it, most seniors can’t do this; it isn’t natural and can cause severe injury. Activities like bench press, deadlift, leg press, and squats using heavyweights are bad ideas. Trying ab workouts should be simple, not strenuous like crunches and so on. 

High-Intensity Training

High-intensity interval training allows for fewer breaks between workouts and a shorter time to do so. This workout is for serious competitors who seek to get their bodies in tip-top shape for games and such. No senior needs to put their body through such intense training. It is best to avoid such exercises and find simple workouts you can appreciate.

I hope this information was of value to readers. As a senior knowing these do and don’ts is essential. As the body ages, it has less room for mistakes. Take these tips carefully and enjoy life in your old age.

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