10 Of the Strangest Diseases That Are Also Deadly

For your information, there are hundreds or even thousands of diseases that you don’t know about and some of them are deadly. But how do you acquire such diseases? You can acquire the disease commonly because of your lifestyle and bad habits.

The food you eat, exercise and discipline – all play a pivotal role in keeping yourself healthy. Do not abuse yourself. Avoid or discontinue your bad vices as much as possible if you want to live a little longer.

But do you know that there are different types of diseases with different functions? They may have a different function but they have one goal, to make you ill until you die. Here are the four (4) main types of diseases you need to know;

1. Infectious Diseases

This type of disease is commonly caused by organisms like a virus, bacteria, parasites as well as fungi. These organisms live in our body and it’s normal. Although they are harmless, they can still become serious especially if you have an underlying medical condition. These organisms can be easily passed on from person to person.

2. Deficiency Diseases

If your body lacks supplements and essential minerals, you are more likely to acquire deficiency diseases. Your body needs certain minerals and vitamins to help you boost your immune system. Mineral such as proteins, calcium, and fibers are all important for the balance of your body.

3. Hereditary Diseases

“Diseases that run in the family”. These types of diseases are mostly associated with your blood. It can be passed on from parents to children. Sickle cell anemia and thalassemia are the common types of genetic disorders.

4. Physiology Disease

Diabetes, asthma, and glaucoma are all examples of physiological disease and when the organs in your body malfunction which causes by illness, you are more likely to acquire physiological disorder.

As we have mentioned above, there are diseases that you might not know that you have which are very deadly. In this article, we will talk about the 10 strangest diseases that are also deadly. But don’t worry though, most of these diseases are strange enough to become common.

1. Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Hang-overs are normal after we drank too much alcohol. But do you know that there are people who felt hangover even without tasting a single drop of alcohol? Yes, these people do exist and they have a rare condition called an auto-brewery syndrome.

Auto-brewery syndrome occurs when your gut produces too much amount of ethanol, similar to when you get drunk. Abnormality of high blood level is possible when you have this rare condition. Although this disease is curable, it can be fatal if not treated.

2. Aquagenic Urticaria

Aquagenic urticarial or water allergy is very rare that only 30 people are being recorded with this condition. When people having this type of condition made contact with water, they will get hives.

It’s a life-threatening condition since it can trigger allergic reactions that your body won’t easily take.

3. Kuru

Kuru, also known as Laughing Death is a very rare condition that is common among people in New Guinea. This uncontrollable disease may put your life in danger as you will have no control of your body, causing you to trip, stumble, fall which may lead to death.

4. Moebius Syndrome

You can get this condition after your birth until you grow. This syndrome paralyzes your face which makes it harder for you to look sideways. It’s a neurological disorder.

5. Fatal Familial Insomnia

This rare condition can be acquired due to lack of sleep. We all know that lack of sleep will lead you to coma, even worse- death. A person will experience insomnia which might lead to “significant physical and mental deterioration.”

6. Proteus Syndrome

This will appear when the tissue of your body abnormally grows. This might lead to poor eyesight, seizures, and noncancerous tumors.

7. Histoplasmosis

Histoplasmosis is fatal if not treated. It’s a lung disease caused by the infections of fungus. This fungus can be acquired with bat droppings or soils that are contaminated by birds.

8. Valley Fever

For some, valley fever is fatal especially if it spreads into the different parts of your body. This disease can be acquired with dry areas infected by a fungal called Coccidioides.

9. Hantavirus

Cause mainly by rodents. Hantavirus is fatal as this virus targets your respiratory system.

10. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

This disease causes rapid-onset dementia which eventually leads to death. It’s a brain disorder and very rare where only 1 in every 1 million is affected.

The Bottom Line

Some of these diseases can occur by birth and some are not. Staying healthy is one way to combat possible diseases.

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