9 Powerful Ways To Relieve Painful Headaches

Anyone who has ever suffered from a headache knows how painful it can be. The throbbing and discomfort experienced is something anyone looks forward to facing, especially regularly. Some headaches like tension and migraines can be the worst of the lot. Multiple reasons can bring on a headache; there is no one culprit. This understanding means that treating a headache might require more than one solution.

Let us look at some of the simplest ways you can treat a headache with this in mind.


fresh selection of tea

Drinking special teas, known as soothing teas, can help with headaches. The results will depend on what type of headache you have, and the results will vary. Soothing teas are known for their many benefits and the ability to help with headaches. The teas mentioned are ginger, chamomile, and dandelion in particular. The calming effects of drinking these brews causes relaxation that allows with bringing relief.

Headache Diets

Some headaches result from the foods we eat or don’t eat. It may surprise you, but foods like chocolate, coffee, colas, and tea can be triggers due to the caffeine content. Other foods that can cause headaches are those containing Mono Sodium Glutamate(MSG). Foods containing nitrates like hotdogs, luncheon meats, and other processed meats are known headache culprits. Cured foods like cheeses are a big no-no if you want to avoid constant headaches. 

Sleep Deprivation

A big headache will be forthcoming to anyone who doesn’t get enough sleep. It may take time, but eventually, that headache will hit like a big rock. Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of headaches. Many people live very hectic lifestyles that include work and social activities late at night. Most of these individuals will get up with a pounding headache. Learning to turn off the television, phone, and computer a while before bed helps with sleep. Avoid stimulants if you can and develop a steady sleeping schedule.


Provide your body with enough liquids as that can be key to avoiding headaches. It is a known fact that dehydration can cause headaches, so drinking plenty of water is a good idea. Drinking electrolytes is a good idea; these include beverages like Gatorade, Powerade, and Pedialyte. One of the best natural ways to give your body electrolytes is by drinking coconut water. This fruit is full of this potent nutrient.

More Oxygen

The body requires a lot of oxygen in the blood to function correctly. Practicing breathing exercises is an excellent way to improve lung function responsible for energy intake. Breathing exercises help release the pain caused by tension headaches. Take time to focus on your breathing if you find yourself having regular headaches.


If you have not tried acupuncture before, you’ll be happy to know it can help. It works well well when done in conjunction with natural herbal medication. Usually, when the practitioner finishes their observation, you will learn that you have tension, responsible for your headaches. Acupuncture is one way that relieves headaches by pinpointing various nerves using needles.


This method has excellent benefits for those who suffer from headaches. Breathing certain types of aroma can stimulate the brain and nerves, which eliminates pain. Essential oils help with aromatherapy; some of those regularly used for headaches include lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils.


Hydrotherapy is an old technique that works for anyone who has headaches. It helps with much more, but today’s focus is on helping with the pain caused by headaches. Hydrotherapy is the application of cold or hot water on the body depending on the need. Cold applications shouldn’t surpass ten minutes of use, and remember to protect your skin with a cloth. Hot applications should be warm, not hot, and used until the warmth recedes. Place the cold on your forehead and the heated material on the back of your neck or forehead. 


Temple massages are an excellent way to help relieve headaches. Tension can cause your body distress, and learning to relax will help. Massaging the temple has tremendous benefits. There are deep tissue, Swedish and other types of massages that work. A professional will be able to help with what works best. 

These are some exciting methods to help eradicate headaches. You have to consider what you are willing to try as there are a few options. It is essential to keep oneself hydrated, as this can eliminate many of the headaches’ issues. Based on the information, avoid stress and stressful activities to avoid being tensed. Tension headaches are an apparent source of many headaches too.

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